Dulce lágrimas de Elisa (white port)

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For my Granddaughter Elisa.  This wine is very special.

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For my Granddaughter Elisa.  This wine is very special.  When I tasted it, it was one of those moments that happen occasionally when you know you have something special.  It kinda makes you squint your eyes when you smile, kinda brings a tear to your eye like when a thought of someone special comes into your mind, or when you hear an old song and it makes you miss the days gone by.  This is a rarity, very smooth, sweet, and pleasant, a jewel.  I’m not going to talk about the grape or the process right now.  Jared and I will share that with
our girls at a later time.  Here’s to good times and special people.  Cheers, Joseph Filippi.


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